Great trip to Chicago that almost killed me but didn't

Well, that was exciting. 

On Thursday, February 8, we did our live show for THWoD at the Dakota in Minneapolis. It's a very nice and fancy jazz club where all the classy entertainers play. And also, oddly, us. We did some chats, told some jokes, played some games, and I sang "Beth" by Kiss. Great night. Everyone was happy. 

I had a speech to give the next day in Chicago, which was a tight turnaround but I had an early morning flight on the 9th so it should have been fine. Thing is: impending snowstorm. So the flight was canceled but I had to get to Chicago. 

After the show, I started driving through the winter darkness and soon the snow. I got as far as the Wisconsin Dells after spending the last 75 miles or so trying to estimate where the lane was to drive in and avoiding trucks. Slept for three hours there, got up, and drove the rest of the way into Chicago. Snow everywhere but OH SUCH EFFECTIVE PLOWING EQUIPMENT. I was fine. 

Gave my speech at the University of Chicago (I don't think I had the SAT scores to even be allowed into those buildings even today) and it went great. Had a wonderful conversation with students who I think are fairly starving for help with mental health. Such a pressure cooker these young people are under and with very little assistance. 

After the speech, I just wanted to go home. So I drove the 9 hours back to St Paul. Then I slept for a very long time.

John Moe